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Maintenance must be not just preventative, but also predictive, resulting in lower equipment downtime, increased equipment longevity and lower operation costs. Even the most energy-efficient equipment is rendered inefficient through improper maintenance.


Dubai AC uses versatile chiller optimization software that effects a minimum estimated 15% savings in chiller operating costs. Plantpro is a chiller optimization software that helps to identify and rectify potential problems, thus optimizing the operation of chillers for peak efficiency.

Generally, initial capital outlay to supply and install the chiller equipment constitutes roughly around 25% of the total life-cycle cost of the equipment in present value terms. The remaining 75% consists of the maintenance and operation costs. At Dubai AC, we partner with technology to help you reduce and optimise both these costs.

Our personalized services ensure that you enjoy peace of mind and that your equipment functions smoothly. We focus on energy optimization with an emphasis on condition-based maintenance rather than time-based maintenance.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Centrifugal, reciprocating and screw chiller maintenance

  • Engineering, consultancy, technical assistance, maintenance and procurement

  • Refurbishing and upgrading of MEP systems

  • Commissioning and training of customers’ operating personnel

  • Streamlining the controls strategy and upgrading the systems to enhance the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems

  • For our marine division: Our 24-hour maintenance service has a dedicated team of technicians to attend to emergency service and on-call repair of ships

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